Lady Oak - handmade wooden spoons and bowls from a unique ancient UK woodland
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Lady Oak

Lady Oak is a beautiful ancient British woodland lying in the heart of Kent and is the source for our range of handmade wooden products. Lady Oak is the inspiration for all we make, and our passion and love for trees and nature is the source for the creative energy that goes into the making of each individual wooden item.


Our hand crafted products

Everything we make is made with love, care and respect for the source from which they came. Our wooden spoons, bowls and other products are unique and a small gift of love from the woods and the Earth.


Choose the wood and style for your spoon or bowl

You can choose the wood and style for your spoon and we will make it to order, provided that wood is available. Please take a look at our online shop for details.

Lady Oak WoodLady Oak - handmade spoons and bowls from ancient woodland
Lady Oak Wood
Lady Oak Wood